Maitho Rothbauer

The new owner of Chop Chop deli. Impressionable and eager to please. 27 years old, he/him

Caprice Dean

Recently returned to town after a bad breakup and trying to find her place in the world again. 27 years old, she/her

Cooper Foster

Maitho’s new best friend, unfortunately. Works in “human resources.” 30 years old, he/him

Mariella Rothbauer

Maitho’s younger cousin and daughter of the original owner of Chop Chop. Writes for a fashion mazine. 25 years old, she/her

Scott (Scotty) Kim

Maitho’s chipper employee. 18 years old, he/him

Joe Cruz

Driver for the company Cooper works for. 48 years old, he/him

Vinny Boerio

Unfortunate. One of Cooper’s coworkers. 43 years old, he/him

Kit Sagawa

Kit is a new customer in Maitho’s deli, and they don’t seem to be happy about it. 17 years old, they/them

Megan Baker

Ever-enthusiastic and basically attached to Kit at the hip. 17 years old, she/her

“Phone Person”

Cooper’s elusive employer. Nothing to see here, sorry